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Lonely Girl | Lonely, Sad Girl | Forward this Picture

The dream migrated into a nebulous state,

The exquisite feeling of rarity crumbles,

Arctic temperatures courses through veins,

Empathetic scarlet embers burn within a savaged soul,

The Wounds left replace an experience,

A battled healing amongst shattered ruins,

Bounced against rocky shores from raging waters,

Clinging to Gods raft of light to try to stay afloat.


The Seduction of Visual Sins

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let me not into temptation i can find it myself

Aphrodisiac liquids poured of sexual seduction,

Seducing with nude photographs and words of extreme lust,

Exotic and erotic positions of sweating skin,

Pornographic pictures line his walls to lure,

Hands on breasts and groping moisture,

Sprawled and spread wide eagle,

Passionate positions to entice his ever growing crowd,

Exposure for your wanton eyes,

Lingering in your burning thoughts,

To rest within heated groins,

Satan then sneers and with his hooks brings you to hell along with him.

A Life Rack of Vintage Dresses

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The past is a part of our present or future,

Old situations coated with moth balls,

Scented in dust,



Good and bad memories combined,

Hung up to view when a door is slid or opened,

The colors are so bright and so soft to wear,

 Comforting and soothing against our skin,

The dress either fits perfectly and you feel beautiful,

Unique and eye catching,

Or it is not the right fit or meant to wear during that period of time,

Chosen and comfortable ones are worn out repeatedly,

Taken out for special occasions,

Other ones remain hung in the dark and rarely seen.

365 Picture prompt 

The Fashion Fiesta of the Blue Planet

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pimp myspace

Feathered earrings blowing in the breeze ,

Large rings of butterflies or flowers visibly seen,

Fedora hats rest on our heads like they did in the 40’s,

Large blossoms in bold shades tied to hair,

Bright color splashes on tiered skirts like hippies or gypsy’s,

Ruffled shirts that are sleeveless and fun,

An exotic flavor of a Mexican festival under a blazing sun,

Passionate and alluring hues to captivate our senses,

Beaded necklaces swing and hang near the collar bone,

Digging through our closets to wear clothing from another time,

Second hand stores buzz busy selling this trend,

Vintage shop cashiers ringing in the sales,

The fashion fiesta of the blue planet is an alluring invitation.

Take a look at some ideas for the coming summer fashion season. 

The Volcano and The Tornado

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Please click the arrow, I apologize bad language is in it. But I love his honesty in this video.

The Volcano

Structured and elevated that is solid,

Reaching towards the heavens and God,

Hard and strong foundations to endure extreme conditions,

Oozing hot lava a color symbolic of heat and many kinds of passions.

Humanity of jealousy, pain, love and desire within its’ core erupts and spills over it’s sides.

The Tornado 

A cloudy dangerous swirl of violent dust and wind,

Loaded inside of its’ funnel is debris,objects  and garbage,

Picked up and thrown in its’ fury of its’ stormy whirls,

Spawned by God but appears to be out of control in movements.

The tornare is a force of Gods’ nature that can be destructive and a wind of such extreme fury that pulls in debris that is swirls around inside. 


A spin off of the video and song by Eminem, for anyone who has dealt with a relationship that is similar. Maybe not necessarily physically abusive but other tones of it. 

I think the difference between them both is the Lava covers items without pulling garbage within its main core. The insides of a volcano is clean. It coats objects instead. Where as the tornado pulls things inside of its’ shell.



The Terrific Uses of A Tree

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Planted by crops to produce fruit,
Nourishing our bodies with Gods’ vitamins,
Oranges in the richest hue to peel,
Juice drips down the chin’s of children,
Apple pies baked during holidays,
The finest harvest from our tree’s,
Produced for paper and furniture,
Homes built to share family memories,
Students write on pages with their studies,
Books we cherish are printed at the press,
The multiple  and necessary use of the tree,
Take today to reflect on why it was created.

One poem for the International Biological Diversity Day coming up on May 22nd.(ecological uses on another poem)

I plan on tagging my other tree poems with that day.

The Four on Friday 13th

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On Friday the four will align in our universe,

Gods’ galaxy in his hand’s to move four planets.


Venus it it’s hues of bright oranges and yellows,

Resembling a flaming orb of fire,

It is the second brightest object in the sky besides the Moon.

Mars joins this group in ally with the other three,

This planet abounds with discoveries by man,

The seventh largest planet and fourth one from the sun.

Mercury then co-operates and decides to partake,

This planet is the smallest one in our galaxy,

It is considered a planet of orbit eccentricity.

Jupiter then becomes a part of this planet party,

It is the largest planet in our solar system,

One of the four Juvian planets along with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Betrayal and The Worth of One Man

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Myspace Graphics

Betrayal has no boundaries and stretch across the heart,

Souls burn eternally in writhing pain ,

Stains mark a face in streams down the cheeks,

A position in title to keep is worth the heart of one man,

 Spirits are sold in exchange,

Greed of maintaining prestige and prosperity of riches,

Slaying the innocent with traitorous activities for coins and fame,

Marked with a number across their foreheads,

For all it takes is the worth of one man.

The Artistry of Expressive Modern Dance

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modern dance
Myspace Graphics

Their bodies vibrate in full expression,

A soulful rhythm of movements,

Ignited entirely by their inner being,

Dancing from their cores as a moving illustration.

The founding mother of modern dance, Martha Graham, reminds us that our bodies can express our emotions, thoughts, pains, longings or desires. 

Contorting flesh into a visual symphony,

Twisting and shaping themselves with passionate sentiments,

Enchanting viewers to share their personal experiences,

Embracing the journey of their artistry with other souls.

Transforming feelings into an artistic visual form to explore,discover and creatively express freely. 


Inspired by Martha Graham on Google doodle today. I found myself drawn to learn more about this type of modern dance either as a spectator to share their lives, or even partake for internal health and physical exercise. 

Our Own Trees of Life

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Fantasy Myspace Comments

Many of us have a story similar to Jack,

Questioning our destined paternal heritages,

Searching for ourselves along the branches,

Traveling through our growth as green as those leaves,

Blossoms burst colors luring us to challenge our faith in God.

We can either sample God with the smallest nibble of  interest,

Deny he exists entirely, 


 Digest his entire wholeness like the fruit that appears on some trees. 

The smallest seedling planted becomes that tree,

Flourishing in extravagant height and beauty to view,

Endless discoveries extend themselves on arms from the trunk,

Multiple roots sprout underground reminding us we are not alone.

Jacks’ parental quest and journey of faith is only a reminder of what many of us have either endured or are enduring. 


A poetical ode to the movie The Tree of Life in the Cannes Film Festival.

I thought the picture perfect, a fairy on a limb of a tree reflecting..that is the description of the picture..reflection.