A Couplet Earth Day Suggestion List

In couplet on April 4, 2011 at 5:45 pm

An organic cake in a box prepared and ready to mix,

An Earth Day fancy that is simple to make or fix.


Some grocery aisles offer an organic section too,

Choices such as milk, bread, dried goods and snacks there for you!


Please select an ecological food for that special day,

A simple concept to support Gods’ earth in every way.


Picnic your lunch and healthy snacks then take a walk and go out,

Conserving energy in homes without a question or doubt.


Ride your bike or take a bus to get to work or out to play!

Encourage green opinions to the public to push and sway!


Organize and plan an Earth Day outdoor party on your street!

Canvas neighbors and be surprised of eco people you meet!


The organic growing kits are in some stores to buy and grow!

The seeds, pot and soil are all included for you to sow!


** Please note the ones in pink are the ones I am doing over here, also for the street party please ask your local city HALL. I have been to street parties, they are fun! But you must do it legally by finding out the rules in your area.

** This poem is not done. I have other suggestions and will place them on this poem then recycle the blog post as I think of other ways to spend your day. You can buy premade organic cake mixes, then buy the eggs and milk organically to add them to the mix. The fortinos and Canadian Superstore do have organic aisles. MANY, and organic fridges. Be prepared the eggs are 8 dollars for a dozen. Very expensive, God understands if you are having financial issues of purchasing it regularly, but try to do it that one day if you can!


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