Future Ideas

In future ideas on April 5, 2011 at 7:36 pm

Well I had my fun…I want to work on some poetry offline about Earth Day and the National Animal Week

It will get my mind off of the bad news I had to deliver today…but it does give me more freedom…to move on…

It is odd, but you know through holy spirit when someone is remaining, and then no tears because he snaps it off of you like a twig when you have prophecy, part of the giftings I guess…so you feel no remorse for his decisions, it makes giving these messages so much simpler…

I see his point

He is lying about the job thing he sent me in email since the twitter verified it “no I do not have a job yet” “No job yet” was what was said

but lying brings in spirits, or demons, so memory loss prevails when you are a lying serpent like this man is

But now I feel this sense of freedom…now I have more time to read much more worthier blogs, and see the people in front of me that did not play me, but loved me instead…

I think we hold on to false hope…

Do not do that

Never hold out,,,it only causes misery…grab what is being offered from much more valuable people that God sent into your life

Never wait


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