Poetic Pain

In monoku on April 5, 2011 at 5:02 pm

Poetic pain~To have employment instead of writing for a living

**well play land is closed for renovations, I discover after a half hour walk. Groceries and now job search. I threw in one resume this morning through my creative fun. Sigh…I did contact a few publishers a few months ago, and had a few bites..I think I should be pursuing that.

Would it not be fun to be paid to be a poet? Dreams come true. God can make your goals and dreams reality…

I send prayers to the Lord to make it mine, until then I am applying now to five I found on Charity village has different rules now to use their job search engine, apparently now they want you to sign in…just what I need something else to remember! I have five emails written down from indeed and the Canadian Job bank combined so far…going to dig on other sites..

My eyes the size of saucers..groceries have gone up

16 dollars for a small ham at Fortinos?

What the hell?

The revelations said about the costs going up on wheat…I have links to this to share...revelations indicated the rising food costs..

Keep in mind I use to get a small ham for between 4.99-6.99.

And Canadian money is the same as New Zealand for those eyeballs that found it is the same here. I researched standard of money NZ it is the same here as is the same and the money angle is the same.


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