The Eccentric Esoteric

In free verse, monoku on April 5, 2011 at 11:52 am

An eccentric esoteric eclipse bursting with a bit of Dawn

Even a burning sun has moments of being shaded

With Gods lingering hands the sun becomes eclipsed

Was it not his will?

The sun still retains heat beneath that drape

He closes it from view

A break perhaps from burning as bright as it does?

A renewal built behind that curtain

Today the sun is shining bright!



** sometimes Christians need to get creative with prophecy to another, shaded as it could be, it is still the words of the burning sun of God. Under his eclipse of dark messages to deliver to another, he burns like no other. I had to get creative with poetry that someone must remove someone from their lives or they will not be blessed again and it will take hold of their childrens lives


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