Unconditional Love: Is it outside of Gods Conditions?

In monoku on April 5, 2011 at 1:41 am

The words unconditional love~ They could be outside of Gods conditions

* I cringe when I see ” I have loved others unconditionally” so are those conditions outside of God for one? And did you do this when you were thin and looking good too? Just wondering…how unconditionally does this mean?

And when you make physical changes like a heavy weight gain, losing ones offense…I am curious whether this unconditional would the adventurous pussy holder on the shoulders been if a fat girl approached him before he gained his own weight?

I am far from fat currently, however I have what is called maturity..

Wondering how mature the tiger holder would have been looking LIKE HE USED TOO, I said USED TOO, and a fat girl approached him?

How unconditional?

or does a t shirt need to be worn therapist?

ug just bothered by a journal entry poem, of claiming loving others unconditionally…yeah sure..

wondering how many fat girls approached him when he looked like tiger holder..

how unconditional was he?


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