Bubble Bath Poetry

In monoku on April 6, 2011 at 9:11 pm

A bubble bath for kids with their toys gives a poet time to themselves

**In case I am stalked over here once again, I am not implying leaving your children in the tub alone, I have never done this ever, although accused of it once on another blog. I mean sitting on the toilet while you write on a writing pad or laptop is all I mean by this monoku poem.

To my new readers, I am sorry, brutal past. Was accused by a lady that I was a bad mother, then this man joined along on another account tweeting her he agreed and even tweeted himself he would email childrens aid, he said horrible things about my mothering on a fake account, horrible and unjust, this is of course after murdering their six month old fetus..a few weeks after..but called me a bad parent for being online? I guess murder does not count at six months gestation?

Anyhow I managed to do those National Wildlife weeks one, including the craft from a bubble bath?


Just have to bless the tub!


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