National WildLife Week Bird Wreath: A Craft

In craft on April 6, 2011 at 6:42 pm

What you need

1) either a pre formed wreath from a craft store or gather long fallen branches and twist them into a wreath. Not an easy feat, I have done this, the twigs need to be moist and you would require twine to keep the twigs together in the circle.

2) Straw or hay to form little “nests” to glue to the wreath, but you can buy them pre done at most craft stores.

3) Environmental glue

4) One bag of natural feathers

5) One bag of bird seeds

6) Old newspaper

7) Scissors ( if you need to make the letters 2011 and did not find ones done already for you-to make it a reminder of the year)

8) Recycled paper to make the numbers 2011 please see #7

9) A child’s paintbrush, a very small paint brush


How to make the National Wildlife Bird Wreath

1) Form little nests or the purchased ones and glue them evenly over the wreath. Space them out so when you hang the wreath it will not tilt. Leave space for the 2011 either at the top or bottom of the wreath.

2) Glue the feathers between the nests or where you see them creatively in your soul.

3) Dip the paint brush into the glue and paint areas you would like to sprinkle the bird seed on. The bird seed is like sparkles! The newspaper is for the mess it will make until it dries.

4) Make the numbers 2011 or if you purchased the numbers pre made. Glue them either at the top or bottom.

5) You can hang them with twine that you simply tie at the top of it.


Great craft to do for National Wildlife week with your kids, or if you are a big kid yourself like moi!

I could not think of what to use as little “birdy” eggs. I am sure the craft stores would have something. I have even seen little fake birds. But I think that might be to much for the wreath. I am a firm believer more is not always better. I also find the little nests and seeds “look” more natural then those fake little birds. I am more into natural tans, browns…probably why.


**This is an original and unique idea of my my poetry please do not steal it. If you ask me and give me credit with a can use it. Copy scape will be added to this site today so I will know.


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