Ordinary and Most Certainly Non Unique

In free verse on April 6, 2011 at 3:21 am

A poor decision was made to hit the send button,

Spitting fiction through an electronic transmission,

A misleading message,

Is this really anything new?

A leering liability that does not belong to me,

A true assassination  of blame on a spirit that is withering already,

Due to a deformed, cruel and crafty art of dishonesty,

The day was not much brighter for my pearly skin, emeralds or lacy shawl,

Wool garments were worn throughout the day to remove the chilly ice from such a read,

Yet again! No surprise really!

Including the reversal of blame,

Stained cheeks from tears of his own self-destruction poured over me once again,

The emerald jewels were encased in bloodshot orbs.


**It was I who received the return they  only received prophecy from God. If they do not correct what they did to me today, or any other day, and very soon, you will be joining your Holy Union. You angered holy spirit, and God very much today…


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