In Uncategorized on April 6, 2011 at 8:05 pm

Even though I am furious with an individual, and God is against women blogs, he wants you to remove women blogs…the girl blogs have to go…

This is something you do not have on that girl site with that book..but the Lord wants you to stop being a girl…women confess and talk differently to women..he wants that to end..he is not pleased with women or lady blogs or the atheist ones like Jeremy or Dawnne..those ones all have to go…

thought to share this..

but again it is like talking to a wall

I guess delete for God is not important..

I hope you are not writing them in disguise so you can dodge alimony increasements..better count your stars that is not what you are up too..

I mean the books…

I read those with your condition of narcissism hide funds from their wives..

You better have told them your income from any books you are writing as fake names..

The girl ones need to go...the Lord does not see that as right or fit..girl ones..

if you are hiding funds from the x wife..dont think God is going to give you what you used to have..he will not bless you again if you are hiding money


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