April Poetry Month Craft-Your Own Quill

In craft on April 7, 2011 at 6:40 pm

The point of this craft is to use the “inside of the pen“. I use bic pens where when you pull out the ink cartridge it is invisible but you see the ink inside of it. The writing tip is still attached to the ink cartridge. The whole point of this craft is to “cover” or “mask” the ink or pen with a feather.


What you will need

1) either a very slim or slender pen or remove the inside of the ink of a bic pen as I described above.

2) One feather the length or longer then that ink cartridge or the slender pen.

3) Environmental glue

4) scissors

5) a piece of paper the color of the feather you chose

The point of that piece of paper is to “pocket” the ink cartridge between the feather and the paper, so you will only need a very small strip. Very small basically to lay over the pen ink cartridge to hide it. You are creating a pocket for the ink or slender pen between a feather and a small strip of paper.

How to make your non dipping quill


1) remove the ink from the pen or if you purchased a slender pen then you are on your way.

2) if you removed the ink cartridge from the pen, you must put a dot of glue at the top of it like a seal or plug so it does not leak, and make sure the writing tip remains on the ink cartridge. You will be writing with that tip.

3) Lay glue over the vein of the feather, that hardened part that runs “through” the middle of the feather.

4) Place the cartridge of the ink over that glue, make sure the writing tip is below the tip of the feather so you can write with it, this is important.

5) Let dry

6) Cut a very small strip of that paper, preferably recycled paper, same color as the feather. You only want the strip to hide the “pen” that little inside of the bic pen.

7) Glue that paper over the “inside” of the pen.

8) Let dry

9) Now you can use it!

©Dawn  Gordon



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