I give up

In Uncategorized on April 7, 2011 at 9:05 pm

Well I give I can not get onto photobucket either..going to do a reboot on the computer and viral search…

Tried it on IE too…

May God bless your night without writing pornography to bother the Good lord LOL

and maybe one day someone might do the right thing and remove susannaroo completely..if not then you should be moving on and just letting me be, if you can not see what she did to my kid, my family, my life and to God then I do not want you hovering to simply whine at your own prison you create

commenting to her as fake accounts is painful to me and to the Lord, she tried to ruin my house with lies, rob me of writing with her lies, and had her ideas for a plan or plot

if you can not do the right thing I ask you to move along

it is obvious you do not care not only about me, but blowfish cheeks..not at all..

you still have links to her other sites etc..

like no one else matters



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