In Uncategorized on April 7, 2011 at 4:59 am

Well it is 1am I need to go read some russian to the guy while watch him strum his spanish guitar…lol


My writing list is as follows

Book day is coming up…

I contributed to earth day, national wildlife week,year of the forests...want to do some for earth MONTH in general

My pages on opera are sticking…hang on opening up the calender here..I have not printed at the library yet…

Canada book day is coming up April 23rd

of course I will be keeping up with lent postings..each week one goes up for lent

a special one for Christ is going up, one that is personal from me to him..a special poem to him from me on lent, I just love the man so much, I look forward to meeting him, and asking him why me? I mean for the big load? ROFL

Rachel Carson day is coming up in MAY she helped to kick start the eco movement in the 60’s…


The calendar I have is great…would not mind finding another treasure like this…maybe ones they did not catch?

so far on this calendar,,other then passover, earth day, earth month, book day and then wildlife week I see nothing else…and then the lead on trees for the year

wondering if a search would come up under holidays?

crap it bothers me so much, I had a link last was what I call odd holidays like book day…not mothers day etc..not holidays we all know, it even had cool stuff like HAT DAY..etc..

damn it..

no idea what to search for

cool poem ideas those holidays or events too

it was a listing of strange days like book day, hat day..even popcorn day


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