The Rooms

In free verse on April 7, 2011 at 4:42 am

An escape to an old house that had many rooms to choose from,

She needed an escape,

A getaway to ease her mind and find release,

The door to the house was so large and so many rooms to choose from,

Excited, nervous but prepared to burst into a new found light and energy,

The living room was the first room ventured into,

It was done in a color of alabone,

Moon beams bounced from the windows onto the floor,

The room gave an odd odor of being old and musty,

An ancient room that did not give her the peace she was seeking,

She decided to give another room a try so she opened the door,

Bursts of  the month of May is what the room resembled,

For some odd reason a little kitty was sitting on a chair and purred at me,

Sitting on the vanity in the room of May was a pearly comb for a lady’s hair,

The room was odd but so incredibly familiar I wanted to stay there just a bit longer because  it reminded me of home.



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