Cowardly Without Spirit

In monoku on April 9, 2011 at 3:31 am

Never teach the book of revelation when you hide your own beliefs

Someone who hides their belief in Jesus openly to the public does not have spirit to determine what beast is what in revelation-God is very displeased by this~

The Holy Spirit inside me tonight I can feel his anxiety by that posting…

Right rev?

I would suggest to take it down

I only read parts of it..I was frightened to be honest to read it because you do not carry spirit

Holy spirit convicts the world of sin and judgment not hides behind atheist accounts, and only speaks of righteousness on his other ones..

You do not have spirit to judge which beast is which

I did not even bother reading the whole thing

One beast..the one the whore rides simply means the Catholic church is on the devil..

The whore is the whore of the church..

One beast is the mark of the beast on the forehead and hands, which simply means thoughts and deeds of all..

in other words the catholic church whored..which they did…

I have to read the other verses…

I believe Joseph himself is referred to as the beast

so yes, beasts mean different things, you were correct by that FROM ME dear.

if I find the prophecies God has given me on YOUR site without you telling people who gave them to you, you do know that is condemned..that is frowned down upon by God

that is why the one prophecy i have on my site I mentioned it was NOT TOLD TO ME

if I see things on that rev site told to me, and not to you…I am telling you trouble from GOD

you dont do that..

you gave yourself away to spirit with the poetry, and other parts of the blog too

discernment notified me

and believe me it was not a good feeling

consider this

if you think it is bad wordly to steal someones writings or thoughts, think of how bad it is to PLAGERIZE a prophet..not good..I did not even bother reading the entire blog, but my suggestion, although you never listen to them, is to remove it..


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