Happy Sabbath

In Uncategorized on April 9, 2011 at 6:57 pm

Only been online about half an hour today…it is too gorgeous outside to be indoors.

I was blessed today at the park and met a new lady friend out with her two daughters. She is 34, two young girls close to my age. Nice looking lady having hardships.

She just separated from her common law spouse, who was divorced previously with five other kids, so seven all together…he is 47. He gambled away their home. 200000 dollars gambled. He used to own a high end Italian Fashion store and another store in Woodbridge..big money in Woodbridge and high end Italian homes.Woodbridge is about 30 minutes from here..

anyhow now she is my area, in a two bedroom basement like me…beautiful lady..she is back in school and works helping drug addicts, he is jail for fraud…

Her mother has the kids for the week so she can work…her schooling is apprenticeship then she only gets her kids on the weekends…her mother is helping her through this bad spell..apparently her mom stayed with them awhile and wanted to help her out.

I can see she was his mid life long dark hair..very thin, gorgeous woman with those bright red streaks in the almost looks like that burgandy that is SO BRIGHT..

They were together eight years

we made very good friends in a short period of time..and wants to hook up on weekends..

for parks and kids and for chats…
very friendly..told me she was so happy to meet another woman to be friends with in the area…


only two blogs posts today…that poem took awhile with the pictures…

May God bless your day..not online much at all…


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