Earth Month Redo

In Uncategorized on April 12, 2011 at 7:11 pm

Well I have decided my earth month that I only got the first four letters done anyhow for an going to become an acrostic meets quintrain…and I need to review how to do that type of poem, I know it is five lines..quatrain is four with some rhymes, I have quat down pat..but I am  going to learn the quintrain for the earth month, so it will be an acrostic meets quintrain..

I learned three yesterday..the Lay was neat..

Lay is french type of poetry apparently and usually love based, 6-16 lines, done in 8 syllables in most cases, however some sites say 4-8 syllables, the reference example I used had rhyming in couplets…I enjoyed learning the Lay very much, they claim the Lay has a medieval type of flair..

so, my  next two I am working on is the Earth Month acrostic meets quintrain, and a Lent week five…


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