Fame As It Hurts God

In monoku on April 12, 2011 at 10:34 pm

Their’s nothing like tagging a post fame as it throws a knife in Gods’ back

For those unaware, 80 percent of atheists left the cross..they used to believe, they are the bunch spoken about by Peter of those who leave the cross get muddier, a reference to them is also in revelation…as Gog and Magog, they are circulating believers all over the world to try to deceive us from the bible.

Everywhere you go twitter, all social media platforms, we are being circled by these bunch of atheists..

A blog that was pressed (pressed means choosing like ten blogs I believe that you first view when you log on, bringing you more views) is a believer with a link to an atheist teaching the bible,

No common sense of morality…

Atheists are hard core unbelievers

they are not like regular unbelievers you see because they use to believe like us..

Enjoy your famous blog dear, as you lead others to that link, a link to atheist, and only encouraging and supporting their circulating ways

Kudos to you today for being chosen, enjoy your fame and stardom as you put it..


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