Times Up

In Uncategorized on April 12, 2011 at 5:27 pm

Well my time is up, I just wanted 20 minutes for a few postings…busy productively with reviewing responses to my ads..

and damn

that site I joined, the canadian one with setting you up with home owners..I had three alerts this morning alone, however in TORONTO..not worth it for me for 50-100 dollar day, transportation costs is why..but one of them was cleaning a home on Toronto Island for 15 an hour once a week, but the ferry alone is 7 dollars…Go bus is like 25 return, better for someone downtown

but pleased it is working..

I can not post the site address due to stalking purposes I have had issues with, so apologetic but I need to keep my work activities and how I make money private, she tried to lie to Newsblaze that I stole articles I did not steal to persecute a believer for one, and she is very ill (hearing the voices from what I am understanding through her family)


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