Dirty Silence

In Uncategorized on April 13, 2011 at 4:01 pm

I am in heavy prayer to day to be able to actually forgive another human being for remaining dirty in his silence. Now someone else is being victimized. I will not be partaking much on the internet today. I have some writings to do offline though to keep me occupied, I have much rage over someones dirty silence and where that lead to now

it is better for me to be offline…because I will rant very angrily..and God is fuming where this lead to now…

rest assured on that one..of who was pulled into someones lies…

authorities are being reached in the coming weeks, because no email is on auckland police site, only a form, so I am sending it by mail

with the information of the jumping him and them coming to the house, the drinking and suicide threats and that I am alarmed family is not intervening

that no family member is ensuring safety for those children..they will believe me because the police was at his house…

so I am in the process of placing this into a mail and sending it..

when you begin to victimize and lie to my sister this is what happens..

they will believe me because it is on record of the visit to his you are screwed..

along with her being diagnosed with an illness, the medications etc…

that nothing is being done by the family…

I am telling them the violence that was at his home has come onto the internet with weird postings of violence and cuttings etc..

now since i am right about the police coming

do you think they will not believe me that it came on to the internet with strange postings of bowing to hitler etc?


if I am right which I am, about the authorities already involved, the medications etc.they will believe the rest

so get ready

you dont care of who gets victimized online, including my sister..

a package is being sent out to Auckland police


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