Nazi Warplane

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Nazi plane was found intact ~Just  more of a reminder of the pain

This is trending on yahoo. I could not help but be reminded by an ill lady leaving me comments on another blog under a hitler account and having email accounts of gasing jews. I had caught odd comments to a mans spring form account about blacks, and realized the woman was racist, and of course practices her bigotry on Christians openly.

Their is an account on twitter endorsing hitler…but the account is very “seen” to those of us with eyes.

My sister has sight too

A comment was left from one account, but another account discussed the sister has sight..

My sister could see her clearly…God blessed me with that so she would believe me..

  1. Wow! I just sat down and read about this plane. It reminded me of my Mom telling me about an unexploded ww2 bomb they found in England.
    She said where it was found was the same field where they used to skip to school. I wish I had listened to my parents stories. Now I sit here and realize I know so little about them.

    What I do know is that I’m so lucky to live how I am thanks to a lot of people. Here I sit eating without worring about my lights being on, or having to be quiet, or being taken to the gas chambers.

    I can’t believe there are things like “Hitler accounts” out there. Will it ever disappear? Do the people who are on these “sites” have a clue what it was like to live then or how lucky they are?

    • yeah I know…an account on twitter speaks about hitler…horrible…then I had comments on my other blog logged in as hitler with the address as but it was a trail of bread crumbs from a lady on twitter who used to speak about her love of Germany who had a fake account claiming sheep would bow to a was all associated..I can not understand how one family lets a woman that ill roam the internet and place so many peoples lives at risk..greggy is particially responsible…in all honesty if I was greg, i would sneak to the doctor claiming it was my bowels as his issue is, and say listen doc, the wife is very sick, the voices are still being heard, she is abusing others online, she cuts herself or speaks about it, she drinks through the day..she stalks and harasses what can I do about this, if I was greg I would snuck to doc claiming I had problems with bowels from his previous cancer,,,aka terry

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