Have A Great Weekend

In Uncategorized on April 15, 2011 at 4:36 pm

Well that is all for my bloggy bathroom is clean, my kitchen is clean, half my house is swept, laundry is going, laundry is being folded, the house smells great..and I wrote that limerick fast while hands full with other things..

Well, even though a chilly wind is in the air..I do not wish to stay indoors..going out for a bit, but I did do quite a bit of cleaning and had a bit of fun posting poems at the same time..

God bless…

Still need to work on the Earth Month one..and never did lent five, tomorrow I will be getting lent six stuff from the roman curia..ever week they send me the stuff via mail..but never say anything to me at all..big frown..I told them prophecy, they believe me, added me to a bishop listing, I try many times to approach, even with wit and humor..and nothing back..the cardinal shipping me stuff is in the department of displaced priests..I researched him quite well.,,


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