In Uncategorized on April 19, 2011 at 8:33 pm

The prophecy blog will remain public

My personal and poetic life is now closed from public life…

I am separating myself entirely from personalized connections on the internet due to personal reasons…

This might take some time

all my poems will be on one blog that is in private mode, for family and friends and those verified on the phone..

I will be sorting all social media gradually and closing them down..and only having a few private forms of socialization with people I know and trust…

I leave you in the light, know this is not about me loving you, it is about properly loving me back and doing what is morally sound and correct..

the abuse was enough for me…

recent discoveries lead to this decision…

my family suggested it a few days ago…and it is the route I am going…

  1. dawn will call you today or tomorrow. i’m back love you – rough morning. xoxo

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