Jesus said

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Jesus said to love your enemies…

I am not sending the letter, not from lack of courage, or lack of information

It is because I dealt with abuse from the same man in other forms,

This woman was forced to abort at six months along from what I am figuring out..

and I believe the man pushed the live tweeting abortion from an encounter in florida

he was pushing the live tweeting thing while slithering around and being prolife

prolife but abortions to bail himself out of trouble of his own sexual issues,

playing both cards to make himself feel better that he used abortion to get himself out of his own erectile disfunctions that are on the lose

the woman still needs to see a doctor and be looked after, she is posting poems of killing people, suicide and all sorts of things,

the responsibility of the phone calls for the better of society rests in that mans hands along with her x husband

both men are held accountable to man and to God to have her questioned and seen by a councellor

if neither man takes that responsibility of having her seen for the sake of others with comments of impaling children

then both of you can remain here and that is prophecy

  1. Dawn-I’m back and will try to call you either today (Tuesday) or tomorrow.
    Love you- Cyndi

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