What is happening

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2011 at 5:50 pm

Anyway, I am not going to succumb to their lies because the views are coming for prophecy,

I am not allowing two twirps to push me off the blog, but I will never deny the truth when asked about those two, nor will I endorse them lying and victimizing others on the internet in their false worlds…

But I am not focusing on posting about it further,

But I will not lie about what God told me about those two, and the blogs he led me to as well as speaking to an x wife with proof behind what I posted,

The poetry on events, etc..are remaining open, like the um…trends etc..

the poems or any reference to my life is on private postings with sign in,,

because i want the prophecy to be seen, I am not bowing to those two in their lies to remove me publically, this has been an issue for two years with those two..

I am not bending over for you two further

comments are off for a little while, because of the seriousness of the stalking…

For a few months probably…

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