Artemis and The Sharks

In free verse on April 30, 2011 at 9:27 pm

Sea Goddess
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Artemis was selected by God for many duties,

A great protector of mistreated or abused creatures,

Animals who have become prey by humanity and sin,

Boats circle and stalk these mammals in scarlet shades,

Saphire waters red from butchery,

Bleeding Gods’ wonders in swirls of torment.

Artemis seeks justice and vengeance on behalf of God.

Capturing the animal and thrown on a ship deck,

Removing fins then the rest dumped overboard discarded,

A delicacy with absolutely no nutrition or proven health value,

Simply a trademark of wealth and the rich,

Paraded and eaten at weddings and celebrations,

Killed for the symbolic icon of money and greed.

Artemis then lays her hands on Gods’ oceans

with powers of miracles and calls upon the

most wicked storms to overturn.

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