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Her Hebrew name picked was Neria,

The meaning behind it meant “lamp of God”,

Bathed in light and on a golden stand,

Sackcloth torn from persecution or abuse,

Illumination radiates from her tongue,

Revelatory symbols cracked with knowledge,

She witnesses aggressively but only from the greatest amount of love.

Neria embraces her anointing and calling with nothing less then desire for it.

Employed methods to draw attention to the world on different pages,

Sly as a serpent with wings as white as a dove,

Gliding between two realms in a Holy Quest,

Gathering treasures for the Kingdom of God,

An adventure of both pain, pleasure and exotic discoveries,

Journeying in travel of my spirit and others,

Sifting through both good and evil.

A butterfly in her cocoon of a wide birth, abuse or distantly loved.Wrapped in ribbons in the color of purple which is symbolic of Royalty and Spirituality. Golden crowns adorn her head

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