The Master of Any Art

In free verse on May 1, 2011 at 4:50 am

The great master scribe of the lyrical craft,

An artist to feast and swallow whole,

Visually and thought provoking that feeds your very soul,

Morsels thrown to an unquenchable creative thirst,

One they knew she always had in many forms,

He beckons to his students as a true master of any art form does,

Zen Master,

Yoga Master,

Teachers to enhance and unleash your greatest potential,

Encouragement should thrive with all ancient teachings one follows,

Papyrus scrolls rolled with direction line her desk and shelves,

The feathered quill has now become a great source of comfort, peace and entertainment,

The ink bottle is always empty needing to be filled.

“Rhymes? I thought you were a great challenge”, I heard him spur me on with hushed whispers in cloaked forms.

Fueling my desire and passion to serve a teacher while academically achieving a greater worth,

Obsession to learn sparked into roaring flames,

Kneeling before his knowledge and intelligence,

I did succumb to his greatness  without calling him a God,

My greatest muse of all is personal growth,

As all man should painfully pursue,

Seasons also danced across his pages that I recall,

Learning from his loyal and faithful student,

Faithful wears many guises and faces in this realm of mine.

The unfortunate part of this soulful travel and crusade or experience is not all will view it the same way that I do.

As maturity of following the Master of Any Art.


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