Depreciating Ones Worth and Self Esteem

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2011 at 9:19 pm

God chooses every single living breathing spirit on this earth for callings that he has destined for you. I have read poetry today that is nothing more the depreciation of self esteem and worth.

All souls have been chosen by God, and he picks the sparks he wishes you to have.

Wolves breathing nothing but fire to strip you of your value of either your giftings that God gave you, or your skills and talents of this world.

I went through this with the whore and mindy account along with the man in the middle of those accounts of my hair, what I wear, my disease, my blogs being called ugly, my body and all sorts of things from grammar, my culture of Montreal and you name it

Nothing but raping a soul of their value and worth…

Pathetic means to deal with your own failings of your own soul to blame others for their giftings given by either God, or skills they worked on in this earth.

Hissing serpents to strip you of any value..


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