Exotic Embrace Of A Happy Essayist

In free verse, Uncategorized on May 2, 2011 at 12:05 am

Passions drip from their souls into their pens,

Embracing your opinions or inner reflections,

Multitudes of thoughts or feelings on varieties of canvas,

Foreign lands of inner dreams or fantasies woven with desire,

Readers absorb phrases and stories,

Transcending your mind into tranquility and a peaceful place,

Their books line your shelves,

Poems saved on file format or scattered on desks,

Blog postings  printed out and placed in a binder to keep,

Ebooks downloaded onto electronic devices,

The library check out lane is full,

Second hand book stores are a treasure to discover,

Igniting your soul into flames for their words,

The exotic embrace of a happy essayist to its’ reader.


Not done, just thoughts running through the mind right now, of how I  am loathing more Gothic or dark tales I am reading. Sorrow, entrapment or self pity for whichever reasons that a solution does exist.Today I am digging for more enlightening and happy postings.

The Angel revenge one was written awhile back, not current thoughts..


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