Good Morning

In Uncategorized on May 3, 2011 at 2:14 pm

I have no idea if it is my browser or the site but the soup looks frozen in time. I have lots of emotions and thoughts wizzing in the mind today, which I am sure I will twirl them into something productive and worthy later.

The weather is depressing here today…

Finding that book of poems on a white girl bothered by a group, poetry recognized of who that belongs too, then my newest discovery last night really has struck my spirit..

I still have no desires for the cake HAHA

Nothing is reaching me about cake yet…

I thought about the ingredients of the cake..the salt reminded me of salt of the earth, and the sugar in cake reminded me of a sweet soul..I was going to try to compare the ingredients to a mans spirit, I thought flour was ground something? lol…I was going to go with brown a healthy grinding of whatever flour is made of..

Food rarely inspires me to write..

Man, spirit, God, nature, events etc..

Food is not a bit obsession..good thing or I would be that size 16 again instead of the nine I am lol

Now I have asked God to sharpen my discernment between two men


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