Are You Born Of Divinity?

In free verse on May 4, 2011 at 7:16 pm

Only those born OF Gods’ divinity will grasp the highest guidance.

**Just a thought of the day in regards to a poem I read today about guidance not sought. If you notice in the monoku it says OF God. OF or FOR, not being a personal God or vain but being born OF or FOR or to HOUSE Gods divinity he shares with you. Offered to all of mankind. Some are willing to work harder then others at taming flesh to obtain the highest wisdom or what is called the gift of knowledge..or prophecy..or discernment. Usually all three are combined. It takes hard work, dedication, and love of God to tame the flesh. Strangers can believe what they will. I am a passionate woman, I lead a very passionate life. I have had all sorts of crazy indications about my sex life. I just do not partake in painful activities or homosexuality. Lots of poor views on passions floating around.


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