Prose on Passions

In Uncategorized on May 5, 2011 at 2:36 pm

The passions we behold  burn our very minds and spirit,

Taking  hold of us in flight of pursuit of them,

We ache for more spare time to express ourselves in our chosen crafts,

Interests and hobbies or even what we long to be on the inside,

The hunger to obtain the fulfillment of what we feel when we are doing these activities,

Jobs, cleaning, children, our homes strip us bare of time,


We inject whatever is remaining into breathing and emotional art,


Vultures of our passionate souls circle overhead of you,

To pick away and strip you of expressing them to others.


A dedication to all who have endured persecution of your beliefs that shunned you from sharing them with others who have the same interests. Placing you off to one side all because of your choices of following Christ openly and expressively. It hurts, it robs you of joy, and leaves you in turmoil. God shares your pain, he hurts beside you because he wants you to enjoy your creative and inspirational and arty self. Lay your pain at the cross of Christ, and let him deal openly with people of such cruelty.


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