The Unintentional Geisha

In free verse on May 6, 2011 at 6:45 pm

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Trained as a great artisan of entertainment,
Delighting minds and spirits over tea while serving them hand and foot,
Dancing in exotic gowns of silk that are embroidered,

Her company is sought out and desired,
Enticing and enriching the senses of our souls.


The highest paid Geisha’s in Japan are not prostitutes. They are hired to  entertain and are trained right up until they are in their 70’s. They are a great hostess for they serve their guests hand and food.  They are moving artisans and hired for their services. Much like poets, writers or even singers are. They do remain single. A true Geisha does not allow further contact other than an illusion to men who visit her.

This of course being said not all men enjoy the artist type of women of song and dance and I am unsure of other forms of artistry these women train in. Poetry can be read aloud, and one can paint their portrait if they are trained in that particular art.


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