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In Uncategorized on May 6, 2011 at 8:07 pm

anyways last posting about this..renee posted up a blog post arguing her account..

well I tried two browsers now and both those accounts the renee and the jeffy one is gone..

TWO browsers..

I do not want to focus on the fact that this should have happened a very long time ago as the Lord wanted for all those lies and in shame of God or the rest

those accounts flushed is the best thing for everyone


I want to enjoy the sensation of healing from those accounts shut, and think of mothers day, and my birthday, to relish thoughts on being watched and supported distantly by another, and other good aura thoughts,

Just accept the fact that you both were very wrong to have accounts like those to begin with, or how you used them..simple fact and truth.

  1. Pssst. Look at – you can see all my tweets from an account that is “gone”. LOL

  2. the twitter accounts are not working for anyone, I took down the other comments, because I do not believe in keep rehashing your old past lives..but i will leave these ones up to prove that you do indeed lie to others that it was on my end…

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