Divorcee Dating Pet Peeve

In Uncategorized on May 8, 2011 at 6:11 pm

I want to discuss this on the meme site one day

If you are divorced for scriptural reasons of beatings or adultery…

the pet peeve I have is crowing a man a king when they are not spending enough time with their kids from their previous spouse

I spit venom at these women who are crowing men as Gods or kings when they are not doing what they should be doing with their children from their first wife

It is like telling him all he wants to hear..first of all


second of all

if you love a divorced individual then you are to consider their offspring,

otherwise that is not loving the person, that is only your own selfishness and no thought or consideration to what he created,

makes me sick

seeing these women obsessed with a guy, crowning him as a King with no thoughts to a previous x wife or their kids?

living more then one hour away to see them every other weekend..then the odd pick up through the week for ice cream etc..

laws should prevail that a man or woman can not live more then one hour drive away

it is dead beat daddying or mommying is what it is..

no thoughts to the previous x wife of running around with kids with NO BREAK as the x lives MILES AND MILES AWAY

but let me utter what you wish to hear, without a thought to your kids?

it is revolting indeed..


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