Few things going on here

In Uncategorized on May 8, 2011 at 3:44 am

Ok, doing a few things at once..I want to add the other geisha poem into my new one I wrote today..


I am working on one called a Shoe Tree..I saw a commercial and did not even know shoe trees existed..i thought only ones for coats did..I did not get the chance to write that one but it burns in my heart to do..but I want to clean up the geisha one before i go to bed..

also another little inspirational idea for me

May 11: Venus passes just half a degree south of Jupiter this morning. The two brightest planets in our sky won’t be this close to each other again until August 2014.

keep in mind the moon in may is guidance from God when to plant our seeds, scripture speaks of these things he does with the moon..

ok maybe not LOL

i re read that poem..I have two chinese kimonas but that is for personal wear LOL not to share with all of you HAHA

that poem is going to be deleted..other then the explanation of the geisha

sorry no dancing for you in my silk kimonos LOL

I have one that is red with a huge dragon on the back..i love chinese clothing… 

and to be honest hoping for clients for the poems..event poems for other blogs to purchase from me.. 


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