Venus Passes Jupiter By Only Half A Degree

In Uncategorized on May 8, 2011 at 9:57 pm

The brightest planets in our universe is Jupiter and Venus,
On May 11th these two planets will not be this close again until 2014,
Two bright glowing orbs with so much mystery.

Gazing to take a view we probably will not see with our eyes,

Telescopes will line sky lovers lawns on this day,

Internet dwellers will search for photographs or a live feed.

Space hobbyists will download desktop pictures,

Astronomers will burst with  excitement of a rare event,

NASA will post and share information on their website.

Blogs will bloom with interest of the unknown,

God believers will be in awe of his power behind the movement,

Journalists will write about it in the newspapers.

Creative souls will write imaginative stories or poems,

Scrapbookers will decorate and dedicate a page to it  artistically,

Photographers will gather pictures to share or keep.

(having issues with spacing, but must depart anyhow!)


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