Little Miss Sunshine

In free verse on May 9, 2011 at 7:57 pm

Happy birthday to Hargreaves today…I remember these little guys fondly actually.

An illustrator and writer from England.

  1. Hi- I loved those books, too. Do you remember Stephen Cosgrove-He was also one of your faves. He wrote “Flutterby”. 🙂 Type into google and see what you get. I’m sure you’ll remember if you see the cover. Gotta fly. Love ya

    • i do not remember flutterby ROFL…when i saw it on google trends I laughed my head off..the pictures struck me as familiar…something to look into for the little one here..we have most of seus..always good to get the classics..

    • the little smiling balls..I remember them hehee..the flutterby no..but maybe if I google it and see pictures or words or something it might ring a bell cyndi..

      • something else about that lady eh cyndi…living in the wilderness for 7 weeks..imagine..she rationed her food to live..I can see Ophray guesting her..and probably a biography written,,maybe not by her but another writer..

      • lots of good meat in trends today…love you talk another day…will email you this week…:)

  2. well I did google it..what is coming up is people selling them on ebay EEK they are calling Flutterby I vintage already? LOL but will keep looking, I do not see portions of his book or anything,,I did find a collector of his books in a forum though..

  3. Ack! Vintage? Well, bust my bubble. What the hey does that make of my Nancy Drew Collection? LOL. I’ll have to look into Cosgrove…hmmm. I believe his books DID have lovely morals, and the illustrations were wonderful. I think (?) Grandma Joyce gave them to you. You were —er—maybe 8 or 9? I secretly read them, since I was already a teenager and wasn’t supposed to like cutesy stories about flying horses and sweet little bunnies! x0x good night!

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