Rita Chretien

In free verse on May 9, 2011 at 4:15 pm

This woman deserves some poems her way…If my time allows it I will write her a few..

She is a miracle…

Now this is a worthy Yahoo trend…my eyes bulge with the confusion of why this is in the top ten (sarcasm…am I started to become a slam poet..was never my intention)

She was missing for seven weeks, so I ask other sensitive poets why not write her and her family some of your fine art?

Seven weeks In Nevada wilderness..imagine..but she is from BC
BC meaning one of our provinces here on the west coast.

Well I bid you a good day..I only had a few minutes on the computer this morning…

The asteroid and rita is in my thoughts for inspiration and creativity this morning, I also redid some of the one on jupiter and venus coming up in a few days time…


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