Traditional VS Trend

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2011 at 9:20 pm

Discernment is a great gift that can lead to insight of so much that it is such a rewarding experience.

After I posted up a few trends yesterday, I caught a poem ripping apart trends, and an claiming no interest in others culture and speaking of traditional.

Anyone who knows me knows I love ancient history and culture, and anything related to those times.


Trends have many possibilities.

Take for example the turban. That can be employment for someone to make them and sell them. Trends give employment. Trends employ journalists too.

Maybe a stay at home mom who knows how to sew might latch on to the summer idea and make them from home to sell them to help feed their families.

Bad trends like celebrity gossip I avoid..but interesting ones I will post..

1) they increase my views (350 this morning already)

2) they could give jobs

3) they alert us to people like Rita

4) they give us insight to discoveries like that asteroid etc..

I do both, traditional, cultural and trends I agree with..

And I love hearing about other peoples cultures..not so much false religions, but what food you eat, clothing you wear..etc..


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