The Volcano and The Tornado

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Please click the arrow, I apologize bad language is in it. But I love his honesty in this video.

The Volcano

Structured and elevated that is solid,

Reaching towards the heavens and God,

Hard and strong foundations to endure extreme conditions,

Oozing hot lava a color symbolic of heat and many kinds of passions.

Humanity of jealousy, pain, love and desire within its’ core erupts and spills over it’s sides.

The Tornado 

A cloudy dangerous swirl of violent dust and wind,

Loaded inside of its’ funnel is debris,objects  and garbage,

Picked up and thrown in its’ fury of its’ stormy whirls,

Spawned by God but appears to be out of control in movements.

The tornare is a force of Gods’ nature that can be destructive and a wind of such extreme fury that pulls in debris that is swirls around inside. 


A spin off of the video and song by Eminem, for anyone who has dealt with a relationship that is similar. Maybe not necessarily physically abusive but other tones of it. 

I think the difference between them both is the Lava covers items without pulling garbage within its main core. The insides of a volcano is clean. It coats objects instead. Where as the tornado pulls things inside of its’ shell.



  1. Hey, I don’t know if you have the ability to listen to your computer (speakers etc.) but if you do, I think you might just LOVE this song. The sight has the lyrics and the ability to play the music. There’s a line “He loves like a hurricane. Our minister played this at church the other Sunday (He plays electric guitar and is a great singer too.) I started to cry. To me it was that lovely. Good night!!

  2. Uh…did I respond right? Hmmm…

    • no i am still waiting about the pages? i thought you mentioned certain pages to make sure i read them? lol XXOO but I plan on reading the whole book, I got trapped with reading online..and miss reading BOOKS…I read alot of poetry and then the eco sites and blogs I read..but I miss the feel of a book in bed or laying on the couch

  3. I’m not certain if the last response went through. Quickly, this time (maybe the last one was too long???) Check out this song if you can- it’s awesome and truly moving! Good night.

  4. third time I’ve tried this. Uh, check out this great song. Moving. Nite! xoxxo

  5. Yes! I really liked what you wrote. I do think God weeps with the destruction that occurs with twisters. I, too, am loving sharing stuff with you and I have been, and will continue to be, very careful to respect your privacy and not post things. When I have something important to ask, I’ll try to arrange a phone call on this site, okay? Oh, the pages I THINK I mentioned (in the letter I sent with the thinking of you card if you want to check) was pages 13 to (ER, Ummm????) 47, I think. I wanted to make sure you read the first part of the book. However, I know that the chapter on praying for finances will also interest you and bring you comfort (and maybe more!!) so I may have mentioned those pages, too. We’re running late today- We’re going to the dump to drop off some electronic waste 😦 (My girl and me will be checking out an area rug for the living room while her daddy does the dirty work). Rainy, ucky day here. Have a lovely day, its definitely a play with our girls, playdough-pies type of day. Love you. I posted so much because I didn’t see it go up on your page and thought they were getting lost in cyberspace. xoxoxo

  6. I do love you and I thank God for you, too :-)!!! Looking so forward to this new form of keeping in touch and sharing, and I will be very careful of asking you things etc…I will openly share my own life, with some information withheld for safety, too, of course. I will say: Remember the sister journal? I have it tucked away in a memory box that I have to go through soon. All those wonderful outings…I plan to send you copies of pictures soon (I mean hard copies- I don’t do online pictures out of respect to hubby’s concerns of online sickos). Love you- must really fly nowxoxxoxoxoxoxxo

    • yeah send me the pics via mail..I have one stalker, and one man living veiled..I thank God for you every day…hopefully this will end soon Cyndi

    • yeah husband is right about online sickos,,,I have dealt with one personally, then I am dealing with one man who is living in fear of being Christian is getting tiring..VERY MUCH SO

    • you should write a prose about that shared dream you had with your friend..something else..I will never forget that..the same dream as your friend years ago..

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