Support Against Religious and Persecution Based Bigotry

Christians preach or speak about their beliefs to everyone, and when they are not interested our bibles tell us  we must cease.In Christian beliefs we do not target one particular branch of a belief to share our own, we share our beliefs with everyone, no targeting of one particular individual or grouping. Bigotry is when only one sect or branch of sects are persecuted or bothered which is what these Atheists are doing. The Atheist groupings are not ceasing. This becomes harassment or abuse, no longer is it trying to convince someone not to believe in something. They do not finish it, and bother the same people for years at a time in some cases.

They can become so abusive they will lie about your person, make up stories about you, anything to abuse the believer. I claim to be a prophet of God, which makes me a prime target of these sorts of lying rumors that you are bound to see on the pages that I add to the widget below the information. They stoop to the point of coming up with stories that I stalked them or any other lie to effect and harm the three faiths of  Abraham.

If you take the time to view their pages and blogs, you will see the victimization against three sects only, proving the bigotry and prejudice nature this group has.

I am asking for support from either believers or regular normal unbelievers to make a stand against bigotry and prejudice that thrives amongst Atheist groupings.

They are hounding three branches of Abrahamic faiths such as Jews, Christians and Muslims all over the world without bothering any other religious sect. They do this without ceasing.

This abuse leads many Christians and God believers into a depression that can involve suicidal thoughts, and not partaking in daily life. It effects us and them emotionally and psychologically that we are not being allowed our religious freedom rights that Christians themselves allow others to have if they choose not to hear the word of God.

Please support us by passing along the linky that I created.

I am placing blogs, and sites on this linky of all that I discover harming three branches of religions, and ask you to place it on your sites and share it as a stand against this form of bigotry prevailing.

If you want the coding for your own blog this is what you need.

get the InLinkz code


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