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Lonely Girl | Lonely, Sad Girl | Forward this Picture

The dream migrated into a nebulous state,

The exquisite feeling of rarity crumbles,

Arctic temperatures courses through veins,

Empathetic scarlet embers burn within a savaged soul,

The Wounds left replace an experience,

A battled healing amongst shattered ruins,

Bounced against rocky shores from raging waters,

Clinging to Gods raft of light to try to stay afloat.


Poetry Month Poetical Praise

In free verse on May 2, 2011 at 6:41 pm

writer's quote

Poetical artisans arise for this celebration,

Weave your magical expressions to pour over us like the finest oil,

Bathe us in your music shaped into lyrics and prose,

Let us all sing the very notes of all your pens,

Set your papyrus into flames and burn us all,

Dip your feathered quills into ink with your words of marvel.

International Poetry Month Website.