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Passover: Acrostic meets Couplet

In acrostic, couplet on April 11, 2011 at 5:57 pm


assover is Jesus dying for you,


ppeal to God to be saved too.


ins cleansed through crucifixion on cross,


acrificing for love, gains and loss.

nly way to God is our one Lord,

entured through that one wooden cross board.


ternal salvation only found,


emaining loyal and be cross bound.


This is not my week five contribution. That is being worked on this week. This is one of the handful for actual passover.


National Wildlife Week Acrostic Meets Couplet

In acrostic, couplet on April 9, 2011 at 4:03 pm

ature celebration for one week,


ctive participation to seek.


reasures in the wild can be seen,

volvement with a pursuing glean.

bservation of the Lords’ nature,


ature is Gods sweet creation so pure.

ction to share this great holiday,

uring others to join by your sway.




ildlife walks in your local park,


nstill those views like a glowing spark.


ife is seen from the birds in the sky,


rifting with wings to watch as they fly.

inger through paths on a nature  hike,

nspiration will most surely spike.

rolic outdoors and take a photo,

ncourage friends and those you don’t know.



rite what you see on paper or blog,

xtend this with journaling a log.

xperience this week intensely,

indle your souls with this jubilee.


National Wildlife Week Begins April 10th,2011

Many special thanks to Philip Martin for the clip art to use for free for teaching purposes as I am doing on this blog post to encourage others about this week and to enjoy it outdoor respecting Gods nature and viewing what he made.

This post is dedicated to someone I care about very much even though he angers me, I thought the pictures would be something he would like.

You can use his art as long as it is teaching purposes and not commercial use or making money which this post is not making any money.

Whore or War?

In couplet on April 7, 2011 at 3:30 am

Raised height in the highest of heels she peers over a book or page,
Pulls up her fish net stalkings as she reads the words of a sexy built stage.


The entire world can now read an online book of a sexual war,
Who was this great big whore that was shown her way out through an open door?


Porno was written on one page like a playgirl magazine,
Strutting in my high heels to read this porno that was like gangrene.


My breasts are now exposed to many lovers as I am being led my way out,

It was only I who was the whore ,not war that posted with a shout!


A shout so loud that many could hear it a great distance away,

A piercing floozy with words that are only meant for two to convey.


** for those wondering this is only an idiom, I am not a whore..only an idiom to an idiot posting up porn on many sites but calls me a whore to show me the door..he never sees his HYPOCRISY..NEVER

Which the Lord is not pleased at all with his pornography, not one bit.

but tap tap tap no one ever hears, a wall