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The Seduction of Visual Sins

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let me not into temptation i can find it myself

Aphrodisiac liquids poured of sexual seduction,

Seducing with nude photographs and words of extreme lust,

Exotic and erotic positions of sweating skin,

Pornographic pictures line his walls to lure,

Hands on breasts and groping moisture,

Sprawled and spread wide eagle,

Passionate positions to entice his ever growing crowd,

Exposure for your wanton eyes,

Lingering in your burning thoughts,

To rest within heated groins,

Satan then sneers and with his hooks brings you to hell along with him.


Angel Provoked to Revenge Her Abuse

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Trapped in pain and wrath from abuse and deceit,

Motionless she lays dormant from any type of brilliant sun,

Weapons of knowledge from the Holy One,

Leaves in her despair of slaying what did slay me,

Victimized and  tormented in social circles,

Betrayal beheaded the light,

Lies sprout from their lips to pervert prophecy,

She can not escape the soothing sensation of revenge,

Grasping it between her fingers with uses of mystical POWER,

Covered in onyx gems and black lace,

She lets the dark side do its’ work.

Wandering Wolves

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Wandering wolverines in wool of sheep,
A cross in one hand and breathe of dragons,
Guiding others to the guillotine of judgment of God,
Words of Christ flew from scarlet lips,
A dual masquerade in forms of demons to lure,
A shovel rests in their quarters to help you dig your grave,
Flaunting temptations of immorality to bait,
While holding the bible within their tainted hands,
Seducing your mind to break the very laws of God,
They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing Jesus warned us of.

The Royal Game of Ur

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The ancient board Royal Game of Ur,

Is the oldest known board game,

An Egyptian version of 20 squares,

Predating the religious game of Senet.

This discovered only in a Royal City,

Indicating it was played by Nobility,

The dice were formed very uniquely,

Shaped into pyramids or triangles.

Two sets or markers were used to play,

One set that was a dark black in color,

The other set was most pure of white,

Indicating a completely different contrast.

 The colors chosen, who played the game and where it was discovered leads me to believe that it was a game of great value and worth, and that perhaps contrast in the pieces played is just a part of Royalty waiting to acknowledge and discover.

Mystical Thresher

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Still singing in my nudity exposed,

Amongst my gold shattered ruins,

Light inside emeralds did shine,

Into streams of great love today.

Aged and experienced Mystical thresher,

Threshing destructive weeds from fruit,

A fly was buzzing around the place,

My private artistic and creative spot.

Only the ripest will survive forever,

Sickle is now sharpened to separate,

Weeds in one bushel over there,

Fruit kept in the closest area to heart.

Ripe pomegranates of incredible trust,

Harvested and thrown into one basket,

Pure pail of my divine and chosen soul,

Valuable gems worthy to keep here.

Dandelions danced somewhere else,

Thrown into a large cutting press,

To rip them into scattered pieces,

And out of an Angelic life.

The Spiritual Siren

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The spiritual siren embraces her power in her arms,

Swimming in her sea of realms and special places,

Bathed in the light of God to heal,

Swirling through the bluest waters that leave moist drops on pearly skin,

Nothing can harm her in this place she calls her own,

Beauty in something personal,

Unique and rare we all are,

Waves crash over her spirit to conquer what remain hers,

Which is victory in truth.

A Spiritual Slave To Shine

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Spiritual servitude to the Almighty and the Holy God,

A slave of love to his every will and everything he commands of her,

On her knees with awe at his power, extreme beauty and grace,

Submitting and serving with all she has inside,

Morning sunlight beams in her room through the window

Opening her eyes HE  is the first thought that enters her mind,

Moonbeams glisten and dance on her floor before bed,

HE is the last thought before closing her eyes,

Obsession with God overpowers her entire life and being,

Only wanting to please him entirely,

He bestows her devotion with special gifts,

Seeing demons on others,

Discerning a persons spirit through the Holy Spirit,

Prophecy of insight on the future,

Dreams that twist into reality or insights on others,

The odd vision flashes periodically,

Interpreting strange foreign tongues to others,

Understanding symbols in the great ancient books God helped to create,

Recognizing her great worth as a servant that is dedicated,

He offers her something that is mystical that she harnesses with his loving eyes that he watches with pride,

Power is unleashed with the anointing he placed on her,

Clutching at his loving gesture to glorify him,

A vessel to bring souls to his arms,

Enduring hardship for the cost of others for love,


She is The Spiritual Slave to Shine.

Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:19

19 by the power of signs and wonders, through the power of the Spirit of God. So from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum, I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ.

Eos The Camanae

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The name given to her was Eos,

Chosen by God through his Holy miracles,

Whispered down through a maternal utter,

The meaning sent behind it was “a great light”.

Holding her candle between her bleeding and hurting hands with honor and then placed on a stand.

Pouring down his anointing oils from the great Heavens,

The Lord called out to his Nymph formed as his servant,

Holy spirit then rained upon her crowned head,

Resting inside her flesh with power.

Creating the Camanae that she became and always will be until the end of time.

The Angel On The Moon

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Wings outstretched in her luminous portrait,

Etched artwork onto the white rock,

A female Angel with wings clearly seen and discovered,

Assumptions of a civilization is the artisan,

Carbon dating is not 100 percent accurate,

No one really knows,

Maybe God himself made this engraving?

Or even Angels circling the orb in the great Heavens,

Regardless of who made the impression,

Clearly we can see Angels are even thought of on the moon.

Artemis and The Sharks

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Sea Goddess
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Artemis was selected by God for many duties,

A great protector of mistreated or abused creatures,

Animals who have become prey by humanity and sin,

Boats circle and stalk these mammals in scarlet shades,

Saphire waters red from butchery,

Bleeding Gods’ wonders in swirls of torment.

Artemis seeks justice and vengeance on behalf of God.

Capturing the animal and thrown on a ship deck,

Removing fins then the rest dumped overboard discarded,

A delicacy with absolutely no nutrition or proven health value,

Simply a trademark of wealth and the rich,

Paraded and eaten at weddings and celebrations,

Killed for the symbolic icon of money and greed.

Artemis then lays her hands on Gods’ oceans

with powers of miracles and calls upon the

most wicked storms to overturn.