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The Terrific Uses of A Tree

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2011 at 11:09 pm

Planted by crops to produce fruit,
Nourishing our bodies with Gods’ vitamins,
Oranges in the richest hue to peel,
Juice drips down the chin’s of children,
Apple pies baked during holidays,
The finest harvest from our tree’s,
Produced for paper and furniture,
Homes built to share family memories,
Students write on pages with their studies,
Books we cherish are printed at the press,
The multiple  and necessary use of the tree,
Take today to reflect on why it was created.

One poem for the International Biological Diversity Day coming up on May 22nd.(ecological uses on another poem)

I plan on tagging my other tree poems with that day.


Concubine to Conservation

In free verse on May 1, 2011 at 7:59 pm

She was a concubine for conservation,

Serving the earth to help sustain it for God and man,

Organic desires flooded her thoughts,

Ecological pursuits burned her flesh,

It flooded through her veins,

Ravaging her spirit,

It consumed her very being,

Pumping ecologically sound advice and actions,

Environmentally enticed,

Earth was meant to protect,

A green warrior with servitude to the planet,

She was nothing more then a slave to earth.

Earth Day Special

In monoku on April 6, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Treehouse supports earthday with a special from Caillou ~ Worth the time to watch

Treehouse is hosting a Childrens show called Caillou, some of us are familiar with his cute antics already. I thought to share this for that day.

I was checking mail at the library because the reading does not start yet, to see this great news. This great news, and more mail from a lying little turd.

I did not want to check the mail at home, I did not want my daughter to view such lies in an email. Now do not respond back serpent, I do not want my daughters eyes on serpents mail. Is that understood? I do not want her to know false Christians roam waiting to place a knife in her mothers prophetic back.

So stop mailing me.

Year Of The Forests

In limerick on April 6, 2011 at 3:12 am


Photograph is a Cherry tree public domain



The year of forests is a time of jubilee,

A time to learn, have growth, and teach more about the tree,

The maple, the oak and the beautiful willow,

Are only three of many trees to get to know!

God made these lovely friends in such variety!


It is a great thing to learn and know about earth month and earth day coming up. The year of the forests is this year.

A Couplet Earth Day Suggestion List

In couplet on April 4, 2011 at 5:45 pm

An organic cake in a box prepared and ready to mix,

An Earth Day fancy that is simple to make or fix.


Some grocery aisles offer an organic section too,

Choices such as milk, bread, dried goods and snacks there for you!


Please select an ecological food for that special day,

A simple concept to support Gods’ earth in every way.


Picnic your lunch and healthy snacks then take a walk and go out,

Conserving energy in homes without a question or doubt.


Ride your bike or take a bus to get to work or out to play!

Encourage green opinions to the public to push and sway!


Organize and plan an Earth Day outdoor party on your street!

Canvas neighbors and be surprised of eco people you meet!


The organic growing kits are in some stores to buy and grow!

The seeds, pot and soil are all included for you to sow!


** Please note the ones in pink are the ones I am doing over here, also for the street party please ask your local city HALL. I have been to street parties, they are fun! But you must do it legally by finding out the rules in your area.

** This poem is not done. I have other suggestions and will place them on this poem then recycle the blog post as I think of other ways to spend your day. You can buy premade organic cake mixes, then buy the eggs and milk organically to add them to the mix. The fortinos and Canadian Superstore do have organic aisles. MANY, and organic fridges. Be prepared the eggs are 8 dollars for a dozen. Very expensive, God understands if you are having financial issues of purchasing it regularly, but try to do it that one day if you can!