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The Four on Friday 13th

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On Friday the four will align in our universe,

Gods’ galaxy in his hand’s to move four planets.


Venus it it’s hues of bright oranges and yellows,

Resembling a flaming orb of fire,

It is the second brightest object in the sky besides the Moon.

Mars joins this group in ally with the other three,

This planet abounds with discoveries by man,

The seventh largest planet and fourth one from the sun.

Mercury then co-operates and decides to partake,

This planet is the smallest one in our galaxy,

It is considered a planet of orbit eccentricity.

Jupiter then becomes a part of this planet party,

It is the largest planet in our solar system,

One of the four Juvian planets along with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.


Our Own Trees of Life

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Many of us have a story similar to Jack,

Questioning our destined paternal heritages,

Searching for ourselves along the branches,

Traveling through our growth as green as those leaves,

Blossoms burst colors luring us to challenge our faith in God.

We can either sample God with the smallest nibble of  interest,

Deny he exists entirely, 


 Digest his entire wholeness like the fruit that appears on some trees. 

The smallest seedling planted becomes that tree,

Flourishing in extravagant height and beauty to view,

Endless discoveries extend themselves on arms from the trunk,

Multiple roots sprout underground reminding us we are not alone.

Jacks’ parental quest and journey of faith is only a reminder of what many of us have either endured or are enduring. 


A poetical ode to the movie The Tree of Life in the Cannes Film Festival.

I thought the picture perfect, a fairy on a limb of a tree reflecting..that is the description of the picture..reflection.

The Essence of Eccentric Ectasy

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Dance Tango
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Raptured in an eccentric embrace,

Inhaling scents of their valued rarity,

Distinctive souls so scarce,

Perfumed in an essence of the unusual,

Enveloped in a mystique quality type of fume,

Invigorating creative and inspiring minds,

A performance of a passionate soul,

Flaming torch’s of a fascinating flair,

Anointing us all with exotic entertainment and company.

Dedicated to a story told to me by a friend of an eccentric senior neighbor full of life who runs around the apartment building anointing others with oil, dancing some sort of tango and is Spanish. ( I could see myself friends with this lady, sounds so much like me) 

God bless all of us who embrace our eccentric, intense and unusual but loving spirits to share with mankind. 

The Poetical Geisha

In free verse on May 8, 2011 at 3:29 am

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GEISHA Image & Geisha Graphics

Come hither into this poetry house for you are invited,
She will pour you a cup of organic jasmine tea,
Or perhaps you would prefer organic fair trade coffee?
Adorned with artistic poetry props,
To entice the mind with words of pleasure,
Perhaps thought provoking or informative to your mind,
Glittering with alluring jewels of entertainment sensations,
The aroma she permeats is refreshing lemon balm,
Arousing minds to desire her writing company,
Creativity and her feathered quill dipped in ink,
Papyrus smeared with Gods’ nature, imagination or information,
Serving her reading guests and clients while filling their poetic appetites.


not done hang on..i am combining my new poem with old geisha one..keep in mind lemon awakens you..that is a herbal remedy when one is tired or needs to feel alert..

Soul Cake

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aptivating all your hunger for substance of gourmet desserts that are rich.

lluring your palate for the biggest slice of it that you can fit on your plate.

indling your desire to savor it as much as you can on your tongue.

xotic decorations like icing and candies to appease your senses.

This is an acrostic poem, so the first letter on each line placed together spells cake. It is for the Sunday Scribblings of the week. 

The opulent cake of the soul. 

The Spiritual Stage

In couplet on May 3, 2011 at 12:42 am


The world is a spiritual stage comparable to a vineyard,

Sifting through either blossoms, weeds or thorns.

The blossoms bloom the most vibrant of worthy colors,

Picking them to preserve in an eternal vase on your desk.

The weeds we pluck out and discard them in our composts,

Hoping they will be churned and turned into gold fertilizer.

The thorns prick and leave scars that remain bleeding you,

With their sting they destroy  the rest of  the vineyard.

All the world’s a stage,
 And all the men and women merely players. 

**I went with the scripture from Paul of a thorn of satan sent to him. A person. 

Poetry Month Poetical Praise

In free verse on May 2, 2011 at 6:41 pm

writer's quote

Poetical artisans arise for this celebration,

Weave your magical expressions to pour over us like the finest oil,

Bathe us in your music shaped into lyrics and prose,

Let us all sing the very notes of all your pens,

Set your papyrus into flames and burn us all,

Dip your feathered quills into ink with your words of marvel.

International Poetry Month Website. 

The Exotic Ecstatic Essayist

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Feed me the sweetest fruit of your words,

Succulent morsels of a fulfilled life,

Let me hunger for your lyrics of your rapture,

Thirsting for phrases of ecstasy.

Move me with your lines of light out of darkness of others self inflicted pain, loss, self pity or self entrapment.

Take me on a journey of all your bliss,

An adventure into enlightenment,

Scorch my mind with nothing but your knowledge,

Sear my soul with a delighted existence of your spirit.

Blow your bubbles of inspiration into the cage of my being. 

Angel Provoked to Revenge Her Abuse

In free verse on May 1, 2011 at 8:04 pm

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Trapped in pain and wrath from abuse and deceit,

Motionless she lays dormant from any type of brilliant sun,

Weapons of knowledge from the Holy One,

Leaves in her despair of slaying what did slay me,

Victimized and  tormented in social circles,

Betrayal beheaded the light,

Lies sprout from their lips to pervert prophecy,

She can not escape the soothing sensation of revenge,

Grasping it between her fingers with uses of mystical POWER,

Covered in onyx gems and black lace,

She lets the dark side do its’ work.

Concubine to Conservation

In free verse on May 1, 2011 at 7:59 pm

She was a concubine for conservation,

Serving the earth to help sustain it for God and man,

Organic desires flooded her thoughts,

Ecological pursuits burned her flesh,

It flooded through her veins,

Ravaging her spirit,

It consumed her very being,

Pumping ecologically sound advice and actions,

Environmentally enticed,

Earth was meant to protect,

A green warrior with servitude to the planet,

She was nothing more then a slave to earth.