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Lonely Girl | Lonely, Sad Girl | Forward this Picture

The dream migrated into a nebulous state,

The exquisite feeling of rarity crumbles,

Arctic temperatures courses through veins,

Empathetic scarlet embers burn within a savaged soul,

The Wounds left replace an experience,

A battled healing amongst shattered ruins,

Bounced against rocky shores from raging waters,

Clinging to Gods raft of light to try to stay afloat.


The Fashion Fiesta of the Blue Planet

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pimp myspace

Feathered earrings blowing in the breeze ,

Large rings of butterflies or flowers visibly seen,

Fedora hats rest on our heads like they did in the 40’s,

Large blossoms in bold shades tied to hair,

Bright color splashes on tiered skirts like hippies or gypsy’s,

Ruffled shirts that are sleeveless and fun,

An exotic flavor of a Mexican festival under a blazing sun,

Passionate and alluring hues to captivate our senses,

Beaded necklaces swing and hang near the collar bone,

Digging through our closets to wear clothing from another time,

Second hand stores buzz busy selling this trend,

Vintage shop cashiers ringing in the sales,

The fashion fiesta of the blue planet is an alluring invitation.

Take a look at some ideas for the coming summer fashion season. 

The Four on Friday 13th

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On Friday the four will align in our universe,

Gods’ galaxy in his hand’s to move four planets.


Venus it it’s hues of bright oranges and yellows,

Resembling a flaming orb of fire,

It is the second brightest object in the sky besides the Moon.

Mars joins this group in ally with the other three,

This planet abounds with discoveries by man,

The seventh largest planet and fourth one from the sun.

Mercury then co-operates and decides to partake,

This planet is the smallest one in our galaxy,

It is considered a planet of orbit eccentricity.

Jupiter then becomes a part of this planet party,

It is the largest planet in our solar system,

One of the four Juvian planets along with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

The Artistry of Expressive Modern Dance

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modern dance
Myspace Graphics

Their bodies vibrate in full expression,

A soulful rhythm of movements,

Ignited entirely by their inner being,

Dancing from their cores as a moving illustration.

The founding mother of modern dance, Martha Graham, reminds us that our bodies can express our emotions, thoughts, pains, longings or desires. 

Contorting flesh into a visual symphony,

Twisting and shaping themselves with passionate sentiments,

Enchanting viewers to share their personal experiences,

Embracing the journey of their artistry with other souls.

Transforming feelings into an artistic visual form to explore,discover and creatively express freely. 


Inspired by Martha Graham on Google doodle today. I found myself drawn to learn more about this type of modern dance either as a spectator to share their lives, or even partake for internal health and physical exercise. 

Tuesdays’ Tasty Treat

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Scavenging for chewy gossip morsels,

Devouring the newest of rumors,

Trampling their remaining private lives,

Idolizing idols over valuable and knowledge seeking,

Disengaged of intellectual searching,

Oblivious to dominating world concerns,

Ecological or political neglect for celebrities,

Artistic seekers buried in the dust,

Fascinating passions rarely sought.


Todays current dish:

Natalie Portman

Maria Shriver ( the hounds to find out about divorce I am sure) 

Ginnifer Goodwin 

John Cleese 

Stay tuned for the dirty dish tomorrow! I’m thrilled to serve you such a fulfilling post!

The Essence of Eccentric Ectasy

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Dance Tango
Myspace Graphics

Raptured in an eccentric embrace,

Inhaling scents of their valued rarity,

Distinctive souls so scarce,

Perfumed in an essence of the unusual,

Enveloped in a mystique quality type of fume,

Invigorating creative and inspiring minds,

A performance of a passionate soul,

Flaming torch’s of a fascinating flair,

Anointing us all with exotic entertainment and company.

Dedicated to a story told to me by a friend of an eccentric senior neighbor full of life who runs around the apartment building anointing others with oil, dancing some sort of tango and is Spanish. ( I could see myself friends with this lady, sounds so much like me) 

God bless all of us who embrace our eccentric, intense and unusual but loving spirits to share with mankind. 

Delightful Dandelions

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Free Graphics
Dandelion Image & Dandelion Graphics

Dandelions bursting in a vibrant hue,

Emerging from emerald strands of grass,

Fertile flowers created by Gods’ hands,

Tiny orbs colored like the blazing sun.

Spring decorates lawns in elegant bulbs of the brightest yellow.

Transforming into fruitful seeds that blow in the wind,

Carried in the breeze too plant themselves elsewhere,

Children laughing while plucking them to give as gifts,

Lips puckered up with our breath to the seedlings too scatter and float in the air.

Dandelions are one of Gods’ most fertile flowers. Society deems them as a nuisance or a weed. Why not view them from the eyes of children or God?

*please note to gardeners that pesticides cause brain cancer, and if you can not view them as flowers as God has made then to pull them out or use natural. You can compost them, use them in crafts, and you can use them to cook with.

Jupiter and Venus

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Luminous Venus glowing in our universe,

Jupiter just as radiant in space,

Mysterious qualities surround these two spheres,

Intriguing their audience to the unknown.

On May 11th, both planets will only be apart by one degree. Closest these two planets will be to each other until 2014.

Artisans choose the canvas of  expression for this event,

Capturing both orbs in their visions to share,

Entertaining and informing their audience, fans or followers,

To share their common interest of Gods’ vast universal creations.

My Shoe Tree

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Hand knit woolen slippers for comfort and to feel soothed,

Winter boots lined with fur to endure the coldest winters,

Rain boots to protect them through the strongest thunder storms,

Stileto heels to feel sexy, desired and wanted privately,

Runners to embrace health and vitality,

Water shoes for the most beautiful beaches to cover from the odd normal stone,

Ballet shoes for when I feel like becoming visual art to watch,

This would be my tree of shoes.

The Poetical Geisha

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Free Graphics
GEISHA Image & Geisha Graphics

Come hither into this poetry house for you are invited,
She will pour you a cup of organic jasmine tea,
Or perhaps you would prefer organic fair trade coffee?
Adorned with artistic poetry props,
To entice the mind with words of pleasure,
Perhaps thought provoking or informative to your mind,
Glittering with alluring jewels of entertainment sensations,
The aroma she permeats is refreshing lemon balm,
Arousing minds to desire her writing company,
Creativity and her feathered quill dipped in ink,
Papyrus smeared with Gods’ nature, imagination or information,
Serving her reading guests and clients while filling their poetic appetites.


not done hang on..i am combining my new poem with old geisha one..keep in mind lemon awakens you..that is a herbal remedy when one is tired or needs to feel alert..