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The Four on Friday 13th

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On Friday the four will align in our universe,

Gods’ galaxy in his hand’s to move four planets.


Venus it it’s hues of bright oranges and yellows,

Resembling a flaming orb of fire,

It is the second brightest object in the sky besides the Moon.

Mars joins this group in ally with the other three,

This planet abounds with discoveries by man,

The seventh largest planet and fourth one from the sun.

Mercury then co-operates and decides to partake,

This planet is the smallest one in our galaxy,

It is considered a planet of orbit eccentricity.

Jupiter then becomes a part of this planet party,

It is the largest planet in our solar system,

One of the four Juvian planets along with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.


Jupiter and Venus

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Luminous Venus glowing in our universe,

Jupiter just as radiant in space,

Mysterious qualities surround these two spheres,

Intriguing their audience to the unknown.

On May 11th, both planets will only be apart by one degree. Closest these two planets will be to each other until 2014.

Artisans choose the canvas of  expression for this event,

Capturing both orbs in their visions to share,

Entertaining and informing their audience, fans or followers,

To share their common interest of Gods’ vast universal creations.

The Flower Moon of May

In free verse on May 8, 2011 at 12:18 am

flower moon
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Flower Moon sits in the darkened sky,

An orb of guidance for our seedlings too grow,

A divine sign from God to begin our gardens,

The moon casts its’ beams into our planter’s hands.

The flower moon emits light of Divine instruction of sowing food or flowers from God.

flower moon
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On our knee’s in front of our beds of earth,

Vegetables to harvest in future months for food,

Nourishment for our flesh embedded in the soil,

Exquisite and intoxicating perfumes within the buds and blossoms,

Visual delights in exotic shapes and colors.

Lands begin bursting in hues of bold colors and aroma’s led by Gods’ moon lit glow. 

On May 17th the flower moon will glow. They claim it is a sign of when to begin your gardening. In scripture God led certain festivals with the moon. On the 18th, we are going to try to plant a few things in pots in celebration of him igniting the sky to let us know. 

The Angel On The Moon

In free verse on April 30, 2011 at 9:40 pm

Wings outstretched in her luminous portrait,

Etched artwork onto the white rock,

A female Angel with wings clearly seen and discovered,

Assumptions of a civilization is the artisan,

Carbon dating is not 100 percent accurate,

No one really knows,

Maybe God himself made this engraving?

Or even Angels circling the orb in the great Heavens,

Regardless of who made the impression,

Clearly we can see Angels are even thought of on the moon.